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Dallidet Adobe and Gardens Brochure

For San Luis Obispo County Historical Society

In 2010, the Hind Foundation granted $5,883 to the San Luis Obispo Historical Society (SLOCHS) to create a new brochure for use in educating the public about and building awareness of the Dallidet Adobe and Gardens.

SLOCHS serves local residents and visitors by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and providing access to relevant artifacts and materials. Built in 1859 by Pierre Hypolite Dallidet, the Dallidet Adobe is one of San Luis Obispo’s oldest buildings and has been designated California Historical Landmark #720. The original property had more than 16 acres including the first commercial winery on the Central Coast. The Adobe and Gardens were acquired by SLOCHS in 1953. Today, the Adobe and Gardens are open to the public for educational tours, events, and weddings.


Noteworthy Results

  • Increased Awareness
    Brochure distribution has raised awareness of the Dallidet Adobe and Gardens, increased public visits, and helped provide educational information on the landmark’s history.
  • Increased Donations
    As more people visit and recognize the importance of the Dallidet, donations towards upkeep and restoration efforts have also increased, helping ensure that the Dallidet will be able to continue into perpetuity.

Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Supplemental Grant
Amount Funded: $5,883
Year Funded: 2010
Year Completed: 2010

About the Organization
San Luis Obispo County Historical Society
696 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 543-0638

The San Luis Obispo County Historical Society (SLOCHS) promotes education and individual understanding of county history and cultural heritage.