Hind Foundation Networking

Digital X-ray System

For Santa Barbara Zoo

In 2013, the Hind Foundation provided a $55,445 matching grant to the Santa Barbara Zoo to purchase a new wireless digital radiology system for their veterinary clinic. Their outdated system had been purchased in 2007, took only 8”x10” images, and was experiencing frequent and increasing imaging and storage problems. With a plate size of 14”x17” (almost three times what the previous sysem provided), the new system requires fewer exposures, cutting the x-raying time of large animals in half and reducing their exposure to radiation and anesthesia. This new system was essential for the Zoo to assure the animals receive the best possible care, and to remain current with best practices among AZA approved zoos. 

Noteworthy Outcomes

•    Streamlined Operations
The new wireless system, freed from computer cables, is wonderfully flexible and can be taken into Zoo enclosures rather than having to bring the animals to it. This, too, minimizes anesthesia time.

•    Reduced Radiation Exposure
At the end of its life the previous X-raying machine would often take images on the screen only for them to disappear or save incorrectly. In such cases the image would need to be made again, exposing the animal to a second (or third) dose of radiation. The new system alleviates this problem.

Area of Funding: Plant & Wildlife Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $55,445
Year Funded: 2013
Year Completed: 2013

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