Hind Foundation Networking

Interactive Clock Exhibit Installation

For San Luis Obispo Children's Museum

In 2008, the Hind Foundation granted $55,000 to the San Luis Obispo Children's Museum to purchase and install an interactive Clock Exhibit. The exhibit is a kinetic sculpture with static and moving gears that allows children the opportunity to learn about the mechanisms of gears and gain an understanding how a pendulum works. The Museum is a three-story, 8,400 square foot center with 21 indoor and outdoor learning environments that stimulate curiosity and discovery through play.

Noteworthy Outcomes
•    Skill Building

The interactive clock exhibit engages the curiosity and encourages interaction amongst children, helping to form solid communication skills at a time when young children are very impressionable.


Area of Funding: Music & Visual Arts
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $55,000
Year Funded: 2008
Year Completed: 2008

About the Organization
San Luis Obispo Children's Museum
1010 Nipomo St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-5874

The San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum is committed to offering experiences that both invoke curiosity and imagination about the world and promote active exploration, investigation and creation.