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Meadow Revival

For Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

In 2012, the Hind Foundation granted $220,299 to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden to implement a two year, intensive plan to restore its iconic Meadow display. The Meadow serves as the centerpiece of the Garden’s historic landscape, one that was created through a collaboration of renowned landscape architects Beatrix Farrand and Lockwood de Forest, III. A prominent fixture of the Garden, no other display had been so difficult  to maintain or received so much horticultural attention. In 2012, a Cultural Landscape Master Plan was prepared to help preserve and restore the important historical character of the Garden, and the number one priority that resulted from the study was the restoration of the Meadow. The Garden is utilizing the granted funds to eliminate the standing weed crop and reduce the weed seed bank in the soil; to remove plants within the interior parts of the Meadow; to develop a new planting plan for the Meadow's borders and interiors; to increase the nursery's capacity to grow 70,000 plant plugs; and to replace the antiquated irrigation system. 

Noteworthy Outcomes
•    An Educational Tool

As the first experience of the Garden, a revived Meadow will help engage both local and visiting attendees with the stunning beauty of California’s native flora, enhancing the organization's opportunity to communicate their conservation message.

•    Saved Water & Plants
The new irrigation system is a computer-controlled system that utilizes data from weather and soil instruments to reduce water consumption and the mortality rate of the Garden’s complex display of over 1,000 taxa of native plants across 40 acres.

•    Keeping  Doors Open
With an annual attendance ranging from 65,000 to 90,000 people each year, the Garden takes great pride in being a local community resource, as evidenced by the 7,500 – 8,000 participants in their classes, garden tours, and field trips. With detailed planning and scheduling, they will continue to provide a quality garden experience throughout the revival process. 

Area of Funding: Plant & Wildlife Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $220,299
Year Funded: 2013
Year Completed: 2014

About the Organization
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 682-4726

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is an educational and scientific institution fostering stewardship of the natural world through inspired learning, rigorous scholarship, and premier displays. With an emphasis on plants native to California, the Garden advances the knowledge and understanding of plant life and provides a rewarding experience for visitors.