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In 2008, the Hind Foundation granted $87,600 to the Estrella WarBirds Museum for improvements that have led to the number of museum visitors tripling every week. Improvements included paving between the restoration building, Hangar 1, and aircraft display area sidewalks and widening the main taxiway off the airport runway to allow for additional plane parking and to accommodate larger planes for display. Located at the Paso Robles Municipal Airport, the Museum is one of the few "fly-in or drive-in" facilities in the nation and has over 325 members.

Noteworthy Outcomes
•    Improved Access
With the addition of paved walkways throughout the grounds, weather and wet grounds are no longer a hindrance for wheelchair or stroller access.

•    Increased Revenue
The improvements to the Museum has not only improved accessibility they have made the facility more attractive and professional which, in turn, has increased the appeal of the facility and has almost tripled the number of visitors each week!

“The addition of the new sidewalks has added a complete new "professional" look and feel to the aircraft display area. Since the work has been completed, we have received numerous unsolicited compliments concerning the finish work and how great the museum looks. Thank You, Greg Hind and the Hind Foundation for making this possible!”


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Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $87,600
Year Funded: 2008
Year Completed: 2008

About the Organization
Estrella WarBirds Museum
4251 Dry Creek Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-9317

The Estrella WarBirds Museum is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of military aircraft military vehicles and memorabilia to those who flew and worked on military aircraft. Their approach is not to glorify conflict but rather to make a future generation aware of the fact our way of life does not come without sacrifice.