3 Steps to Overcome Digital Boundaries

As more and more grant applications are required to be submitted online, it’s even more important to focus on building strong personal relationships. To do so, you’ll need to overcome some digital boundaries. Here are 3 ways to do so:

  1. Make sure your first contact is one you can build on. A dubious start will forever haunt the grant process. Read the guidelines and restrictions carefully before applying. If there are some questions as to the appropriateness or compatibility, contact the grantor and inquire. Be sure to demonstrate that you have read the requirements and be ready to show how you would be a good fit.
  2. Once you begin the online application process, read all the questions first. Should there be questions that need further investigation, compile the correct information before starting. Don’t try to cut and paste answers that don’t really apply in order to complete the questions. Not responding specifically to the question’s intent reveals that you’re either not taking the time, you can’t honestly provide an answer, or you have anticipated that a well-written response will disguise the failings of a good response.
  3. Don’t let the application process drag on. Allowing online applications sit incomplete over several weeks with little or no action will not promote your cause. Experiencing difficulties in completing questions are not uncommon and may require more research or even board participation. Contact the grantor to let him or her know that you are pursuing the correct information, which may involve time, new policies, board involvement, or reorganization.

Greg Hind
Hind Foundation