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Arboretum Restoration for Rancho La Patera-Stow House

For Goleta Valley Historical Society

In 2014, the Hind Foundation granted $50,000 to the Goleta Valley Historical Society for the Arboretum Restoration of the Rancho La Patera/Stow House. The $1,036,400 Arboretum project will reintroduce the public to one of the last remaining typical late 19th/early 20th century California ranch garden landscapes by recreating the naturalistic landscape and gardens that surrounding the Stow House as they existed at Rancho La Patera (RLP) from 1871. The project addressed the problem of considerable deterioration of flora throughout the gardens, safety and accessibility issues for visitors, environmental considerations related to water usage, and preservation of the gardens for future use and enjoyment by our community. The Hind Foundation grant helped fund the finalize phase of the three-phase project, including rehabilitating and reestablishing driveways;
recreating and installing historic period benches;
installing a water conservation irrigation system for the remaining two acres;
performing significant planting projects; and
completing cleanup of the property’s remaining two acres.

Noteworthy Outcomes

  • Reintroducing Historical Landscape
    A new area of the pre-20th century gardens surrounding Stow House are now open for additional use and enjoyment by the public, which previously had been inaccessible due to the dense, overgrown foliage.
  • Education & Recreation
    The restored Arboretum creates additional educational and passive recreation opportunities for visitors. Through the use of marked paths, botanical labels, educational materials and docent-led tours, visitors learn the historical significance of the property.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Additional volunteer opportunities are now available to many residents in the community who enjoy interactive activities, such as gardening with others.

Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $50,000
Year Funded: 2014
Year Completed: 2014

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