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Enhanced Gallery Lighting

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In 2011, the Hind Foundation granted $15,000 to Santa Barbara Museum of Art to fund the McCormick Gallery lighting project. The centerpiece of the Museum’s original 1914 building, the McCormick Gallery is the main site of special exhibitions. The lighting project will include the replacement of T-12 fluorescent fixtures located on top of the cornice in the Gallery with energy efficient T-5 fluorescent or LED lighting. These lights are used for work lights while remodeling the gallery, but the new fixtures and the installation of a new electrical sub-panel will provide safety lighting (the gallery is currently very dark when the track lighting is not on) and emergency lighting in case of power outage. The project will also include the addition of a lighting track with 25-35 AR-70 lamps on the cornice to provide better lighting of art work on interior temporary walls and allow for more versatile gallery designs.

Noteworthy Outcomes

  • Cost Savings
    The new fixtures will significantly decrease the energy costs associated with lighting the museum.
  • Safety Improvements
    The new sub-panel and lighting improvements will provide much needed safety and emergency lighting for staff and visitors that currently is available.
  • Increased Versatility
    Currently, the exhibit design of photographs, paintings, sculptures or other cultural objects are restricted by the existing lighting, but the improved lighting will no longer limit the gallery’s design potential.

Area of Funding: Music & Visual Arts
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $15,000
Year Funded: 2011
Year Completed: 2011

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