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Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial Sign

For Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation

In 2011, the Hind Foundation granted $20,000 to Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation to help fund the Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial Sign. The "V" shaped granite and bronze sign will consist of two large rectangular granite panels measuring 12 feet in length and 5 feet in height. "Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial" will be engraved in the granite and to one side of the engraving will be a large bronze relief that replicates the original "Faces of Freedom" statue by sculptor Mark Greenaway. Additionally, both sides of the sign will be illuminated and it will be flanked by stone pillars that complement the Park’s, soon-to-be constructed, split-rail and stone fencing.

Noteworthy Outcomes

  • Honoring Our Veterans
    The Faces of Freedom Memorial, dedicated on Veterans Day 2008, is recognized on the Purple Heart Trail which was created as a symbolic and honorary system of roads, highways, bridges, and other monuments across the country that give tribute to the men and women who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal. The Purple Heart Trail originates at a monument in Mt Vernon, Virginia, the burial location of George Washington.

Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $20,000
Year Funded: 2011
Year Completed: 2011

About the Organization
Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation
Atascadero, CA 93422
(805) 462-1267

The Atascadero Memorial Foundation is made up of patriotic Americans who have been drawn together to serve a cause great than themselves. They believe that the true reflection of America is in her ability to honor our veterans of the past, who have given so much that America might live free.