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Hide House Theater at the Tannery

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In 2014, the Hind Foundation granted $100,000 to the Tannery Arts Center (TAC) for the renovation of their 8,000 square-foot historic Hide House (known as the Colligan Theater at the Tannery Arts Center), marking completion of the final phase of their master renovation plan. This project transformed the existing building (while preserving its historic design) into a 182-seat theater for use by the region’s diverse performing arts groups. Specifically, the grant supports the construction necessary to strengthen the Hide House building's core, including fortifying the foundation, raising the floor level of the structure, extending the building's life span, and helping to protect it in the event of an earthquake or flooding. The refurbished Hide House building retains its historic and distinctive look while being equipped with modern lighting and sound systems, comfortable seating, dedicated dressing rooms and support space, and a spacious lobby that doubles as a gallery. The theater has a sprung wood floor for dance performances and retractable proscenium wings to allow for adjustable stage size. 

Noteworthy Results

  • Completing The Big Picture
    This renovation phase represents the completion of the City of Santa Cruz’s plan to create a vibrant regional arts center on this 8.2 acre site of the historic Salz Tannery. In addition, TAC includes an 8,000 square-foot plaza/sculpture garden in an adjacent lot, 100 units of affordable live/work lofts for artists, 28 rental studios, a digital media center, arts organization office space, and a cafe.
  • Bringing Community Together
    The new theater benefits local performing arts, dance, and cultural groups and public/private schools that will have a much needed new performance venue where professional and community theater, dance concerts, music concerts, improvisation events, and festivals can be presented.
  • Restoring History
    In 2008, the State Historic Office affirmed the Tannery site met the requirements for the National Register of Historic Places for "its association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history."

Area of Funding: Music & Visual Arts
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $100,000
Year Funded: 2014
Year Completed: 2015

About the Organization
Tannery Arts Center
1050 River Street #118
Santa Cruz, CA 95050
(831) 419-9047

The Tannery Arts Center is dedicated to providing an affordable, accessible and sustainable home for Santa Cruz County artists and arts, cultural, education and heritage organizations so that all offerings on this historically significant campus may be enjoyed by residents, visitors and the general public.