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Hillside Lot Acquisition Program

For Cayucos Land Conservancy

In 2009, the Hind Foundation granted $100,000 to the Cayucos Land Conservancy (CLC) for the acquisition of development rights for 1600 hillside lots directly above Cayucos. The lots, which originate from a subdivision established in the 1920’s, in today’s standards are found to be outside the Urban Reserve Line and most are deemed “unbuildable” by the County due to geological restrictions. The CLC plans to preserve the land by including the lots in the existing greenbelt. To date, the CLC has been able to acquire 175 lots of the 1600 thanks to a Coastal Resource Grant and other private donors and foundations like the Hind Foundation.

Noteworthy Outcomes
•    Land Acquisitions

Since most of the land is undevelopable, the CLC has successfully negotiated with many willing landowners. The grant funds donated by the Hind Foundation went to the pool of monies used to purchase 175 lots of the 1600 (i.e., 10% of the total lots).


Area of Funding: Ecosystem Conservation
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $100,000
Year Funded: 2009
Year Completed: 2009

About the Organization
Cayucos Land Conservancy
P. O. Box 336
Cayucos, CA 93430
(805) 540-8929

To preserve the coastline and hillsides surrounding the town of Cayucos, the Cayucos Land conservancy, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, has entered into unique partnerships with state, county, and local organizations and individual land owners.