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Point Sur Light Station Head Keeper's Dwelling Restoration

For Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers

In 2009, the Hind Foundation granted $125,000 Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers (CCLK) to help restore the Point Sur Light Station Head Keeper's Dwelling. Originally built in 1889 as a single-story Engine House, the building housed coal and the steam-powered donkey engine, which powered the tram system that moved people and supplies to the top of Point Sur. In 1902, after a road was built that allowed food, fuel, and supplies to be hoisted up to the top on flat railcars, a second story was added to the structure and it was converted to the head keeper's quarters. Point Sur Light Station is located 135 miles south of San Francisco, on the 361-foot tall rock at the head of the point. The lighthouse, established in 1889 and automated in 1972, is still in operation to aid navigation.

Noteworthy Results
•    Restoration Underway

Restoration projects that have been completed so far include, building stabilization, and rebuilding the 1930s-era wash room addition and restoration of the historic windows.


Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $125,000
Year Funded: 2009
Year Completed: 2009

About the Organization
Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers
P.O. Box 223014
Carmel, CA 93922
(831) 649-7139

Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers serves Pt. Sur State Historic Park. It was formed in May 1993 as a membership-based, non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the maritime heritage of the Central Coast of California, especially the aids to navigation.