Hind Foundation Networking

Seed Bank for Growth

For Transitions Mental Health Association

In 2014, the Hind Foundation granted $14,000 to Transitions - Mental Health Association to fund the purchase of a seed dryer, motorized grinding mill and seed collection equipment to support the organization’s new Seed Bank at their Growing Ground Farms. The Seed Bank collects locally cultivated seeds from specific regions and ecosystems then stores and categorizes these seeds by species and locality. Doing so ensures the seeds can be germinated and subsequently grown into native stock that is critical for restoration and mitigation efforts, particularly in regions where plants have been removed or destroyed. Proper conservation benefits everyone, whether the indirect result is erosion mitigation (less threat from mud slides), fire safety, watershed safety, a thriving wildlife system, or natural beauty.

Noteworthy Outcomes

•    A Collaborative Process
Through the Seed Bank, Transitions Mental Health provides their employee clients, who are adults with mental illness, with training, paid work and educational opportunities in the science of seed collection, processing and storage techniques.

•    Proactive Planning
With the right equipment in place, Transitions can streamline operations to become self-supporting through the sale of plants and seeds and through revenues related to seed collection.

•    Shared Growth
Local nurseries and landscapers who obtain seeds from the Seed Bank can now offer plants that are ideal for each homeowner’s location, making plant survival more likely and customers more satisfied. 

Area of Funding: Plant & Wildlife Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $14,000
Year Funded: 2014
Year Completed: 2014

About the Organization
Transitions Mental Health Association
784 High Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 540-6500

Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA) is a non-profit organization that helps children and adults live, work and grow in our community. The emphasis of TMHA's many services is to teach vital independent living skills, and build a framework for community re-entry through personal empowerment and hands on experience.