Hind Foundation Networking

Town of History Photo Dispaly

For The Santa Margarita Historical Society

In 2015, the Hind Foundation granted $3,000 to Santa Margarita Historical Society for their Town of History Photo Display project which is an initiative to proactively make Santa Margarita's history more accessible beyond the museum. After successfully launching a pilot program at The Southern Station that received overwhelming praise, the Museum was encouraged to complete the project throughout town.  The project included touching up, printing and preparing 60 photos with historical explanations then displaying them strategically in significant local spots throughout Santa Margarita. Displaying these historic pictures in local businesses brings important history directly to the people without having to for them to enter the Museum.

Area of Funding: Historical Landmark Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $3,000
Year Funded: 2015
Year Completed: 2015

About the Organization
The Santa Margarita Historical Society
PO Box 894
Santa Margarita, CA 93453
(805) 227-4931

The mission of the Santa Margarita Historical Society is to promote the understanding and appreciation of Santa Margarita's historical and cultural heritage.