Don’t Forget to Stay in Touch

As with any relationship, if you value it, you maintain it. The grant request process can entail 6 to 12 months of courting: correspondence, visits, phone calls, and entertainment. When it’s over, both parties may suffer donor fatigue; however, if you have received a donation and would like to be considered to be a recipient in the future, it is your responsibility to let the donor know you appreciate their patronage. The higher the amount a donor has given, the more important it is to ensure you maintain your relationship.
Here are 6 ways to stay in touch with your donor, ensuring you stay in their minds for the next grant opportunity.

  1. Send thank you letters from the Executive Director, President and the Board of Directors – when the grant is awarded and when the project is complete.
  2. Mention all major donors in any of your current or future newsletters, publications, or media releases.
  3. Send or hand-deliver a personal invitation (not a generic letter addressed to all those involved) to celebrations or events spotlighting your funded project.
  4. Send or hand-deliver a personal invitation to any events specifically recognizing the donors.
  5. Provide the donor with a photograph, plaque, or other tribute of the project.
  6. Send the donor updates on the project, including success stories, copies of publicity, or anything that relates to the project.


Greg Hind
Hind Foundation