Don’t Get Greedy

Soon after receiving a grant from a donor is NOT the time to ask for additional donations. Honor the time condition that many organizations impose on larger gifts as it can vary from one to two years before another request will be considered. Avoid sending any annual/quarterly fund raising postcards or brochures; make the effort to single donors out of your fund raising mailing list. Donors appreciate a personal letter updating them on what’s happening and the projects that you are working on with NO solicitation of funds. If the donor is interested, they will inquire.

Inviting key persons or foundation representatives to an event should be done personally, not through a general letter mailer – no, not even with a hand-written note on the flyer stating, “hope you will come.” Major contributors are requested to come to numerous events; make the extra effort to invite them personally, providing a valid purpose for their attendance. Should they accept an invitation, avoid engaging in discussions of other potential projects that need financial support. Show your appreciation for their patronage, and for their attendance, by keeping the moment special, fun, and light.


Greg Hind
Hind Foundation