Keep Your House in Order

Consistent delays in receiving funding may be caused by your organization’s problems, lack of policies, poor communication, or negligence. Quite often within organizations, an individual in charge of acquiring funding will leave that organization, and along with him (or her), all of their due diligence in acquiring the funding leaves as well.

In order to avoid this catastrophe, keep your house in order by creating a procedure for funding or donor requests, including keeping formal records of the donor’s organization, contacts within the organization, and all communication to date. Additionally, the person responsible for grants or account development should communicate details to the Board, the president or executive director regarding all significant requests. It’s also a good safeguard to have more than one person within your organization establish a connection with the donor or the donor’s representative.

Be sure that any change in high-level administration, the Board of Directors, or the organization itself is communicated with the donor before it becomes public. Proactive, open lines of communication lend a sense of openness and candor. Remember – to receive sizable grants, you must form a partnership based on trust and confidence between both parties.


Greg Hind
Hind Foundation