A New-Arts MET Live Experience

In 2010, the Hind Foundation granted $85,728 to the Performing Arts Center (PAC) for the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment to broadcast live performances of the New York City’s Metropolitan Opera. As part of a series titled “The Met: Live in HD,” the opera house broadcasts its shows simultaneously to 1,500 theaters around the globe. Through this grant, Cal Poly joins a growing number of venues able to provide this new-arts experience. The PAC will also have the capacity to screen films with movie theater-quality as well as to stream a growing number of live performances above and beyond The Met Live.

Noteworthy Outcomes

•    Renewed Enthusiasm The MET in HD brought a new level of energy at a really important time for the Performing Arts Center (PAC). The PAC had been open for 15 years and the excitement of its initial years had begun to wane. The experience of the MET in HD provided a necessary infusion of audience enthusiasm and creative programming.

•    Growing Membership The new state-of-the-art equipment brought inspirational programming to the PAC and in turn more interest, more members, and more financial support for San Luis Obispo arts.

“And may I say again how fabulous your gift of video equipment is and what great value it brings to the Center? The ability to stream live broadcasts of the caliber we anticipate will make the PAC accessible to so many in ways never dreamed about 25 years ago.” ~ Jeanne Potter, President, FPAC Board

“Recently, I attended the first of the “The Met: Live in HD” performances at the Performing Arts Center. To say it was memorable experience is the understatement of the year. For most of the performance, I felt as though I was at The Metropolitan Opera itself! As a lifelong opera lover, I can honestly say that outside of being in the opera house itself, I have never spent such a thrilling three hours in my life and I urge all those who have even a slight interest in opera to go to one of the upcoming performances.” ~ Elizabeth C. Thyne, San Luis Obispo