Big Sur Sanctuary Property Acquisition

In 2011, the Hind Foundation granted $125,000 to Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS) to assist in the acquisition of 80 acres of land in Big Sur, CA. The property was owned by VWS co-founder, Sal Lucido, and his wife, Ada. The couple generously offered to sell the property, originally valued at $1,300,000, to VWS for a mere $250,000. The acquisition of the property guaranteed that VWS would be able to indefinitely continue their work in the protection of Bald Eagles, California Condors and other endangered species who depend on the sanctuary to provide a safe habitat.

Noteworthy Outcomes

  • Cost Savings
    Now that the property is owned by VWS the organization benefits from no longer having to pay the costs associated with leasing the property or property taxes.
  • Protection for Perpetuity
    The acquisition will permanently keep the sanctuary as a safe habitat for endangered species.