Guide Dogs for the Blind’s New Puppy Center

In 2018, the Hind Foundation grant funded two elements of the new Center:
The Young Heroes Academy – the area where puppies, once weaned from their mothers, will experience enhanced socialization and enrichment before they are sent to their puppy raiser families.
Puppy Track – the area, on the outside of the building, where GDB’s volunteer puppy socializers will exercise and socialize the puppies. The Puppy Track is designed to be “spectator-friendly”; visitors can stand alongside the barrier and watch the puppies walking and playing.
This state-of-the-art 28,000-square-foot facility will provide a safe, warm, and enriching environment for puppies as they begin their life’s journey. The Center will feature four key components:
• Bio secure, healthier, more nurturing habitats for mothers and their pups
• Improved early socialization and enrichment areas for puppies
• Educational displays and interactive learning opportunities for the public
• Improved working environments for staff and volunteers